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Welcome to the International Plant Diagnostic Network: A Multinational Collaboration.

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Diagnosing Plant Diseases Benefits Farmers in Developing Countries
Plant diseases cause significant economic losses throughout the world, but their effects are... > more

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Plant Disease Reports

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Diagnostic Laboratory Standards



Establishment of the regional plant disease diagnostic clinic networks empowers rural individuals by giving communities their own capability to accurately diagnose plant diseases.



  1. Create regional systems with the technical capacity to diagnose plant diseases in three participating regions, beginning with “hub” laboratories in one country per region, progressing to “spoke” laboratories in nearby countries within the region.
  2. Develop a communication and data networking system that details pathogen distribution, diagnosis and IPM options and links target countries to each other and to experts in the U.S. and elsewhere.
  3. Develop and carry out comprehensive training programs to increase diagnostic capacity within host country institutions for phytosanitary and IPM applications.
  4. Develop/adapt biotechnology-based diagnostic tests and protocols to meet the needs of regional IPM CRSP programs, USAID Missions and/or other donors.


Partner Institutions


Dr. Sally Miller
Department of Plant Pathology
The Ohio State University OARDC
1680 Madison Avenue Wooster, OH 44691
Ph: 330-263-3678 Fax: 330-263-3678
E-mail: miller.769@osu.edu